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The Queen of Heaven - part 2

"The second aspect of the Goddesses is her representation as virgin or Virgin Mother with a son who becomes her lover when he attains manhood.  In this relationship the goddess experiences all the relationships a man can have with as woman, as she is sometimes his sister also.  According to Briffault, {The Mothers: A study of the Origins  of Sentiment and Initiations} the concept of virgin did not mean a woman without sex-

ual experience but, instead, an unmarried woman - one who was independent.  She was sexually active; however, she had not given herself spiritually to a man and therefore retained all spiritual purity.  This aspect was reflected in the Goddess Hathor, as aspect of Isis, another Great Mother Goddess, who was considered a virgin.  Isis-Horus, Ishtar-

Tammuz, Cybele-Attis, and Aphrodite-Adonis are examples of Goddeses with a son/


In ancient societies, virgin women sometimes devoted themselves to the Goddess,

chose not to marry, and lived in the temples where goddesses were worshipped.  These  female worshippers were known as vestal virgins.  Vestal virgins lived in the temple and performed the sacred rites to the Goddesses...Each virgin engaged in sexual intercourse with a high priest...A male child conceived by a vestal virgin was said to be born of a virgin mother, and either to have no known father or to be a 'Son of God'.

The high priest was thought to be a representative of God in the sex act. 

Men also devoted themselves to the Goddess and became priests who did not marry and performed sacred rites and ceremonies.  In order to be well received by the goddess, they wore female like attire such as long robes, and did not cut their hair.  Some men became eunuchs...This is reflected in the Catholic priesthood where men wear long robes and remain unmarried."

'Moon Goddess' - Safiyah Karimah           

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