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Emulating Children

" Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi"

"Someone enquired:  Why is it said in the scriptures that the Sage is like a child?"

"A child and a Sage (jnani) are similar in a way.  Incidents interest a child only so

long as they last.  It ceases to think of them after they have passed away.  So then,

 it is apparent that they do not leave any impression on the child, and it is not

 affected by them mentally.  So it is with a Sage."

"Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna"

"Little children play with dolls in the outer room just as they like, without any care

 or fear or restraint; but as soon as their mother comes in, they throw aside their dolls and run to her crying " mamma, mamma".  You too, o man, are now playing in this material world, infatuated with dolls of wealth, honor, fame, etc., and do not feel any fear or anxiety.  If, however, you once see your Divine Mother, you will not afterwards find pleasure in these.  Throwing them aside, you will run to her."

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