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Sub-Saharan origin of the Heiroglyphics (part 2 of 3)

...An ignorant explanation  of the Egyptian Sign Language was begun by the Greeks,

who could not read the hieroglyphics.  It was repeated by the Romans, and has been

perpetuated by "Classical Scholars" ever since....Ignorance of primitive sign language

has been and is a fertile source of false belief.  For example, Juvenal asks, "Who does not know what monsters Egypt insanely worships?"  (Sat., 15,1)  And having seen or

heard of the long-tailed Ape in an Egyptian temple, assumed without question that this animal was set up as an object of worship.  He did not know that the Ape itself was the

worshipper, as an image in Sign-Language and as the Saluter of the Gods.  Ani, the name

of this particular Ape, denotes the Saluter, and to salute was an Egyptian gesture of ad-

oration.  The Ape, with its paws uplifted is the typical worshipper as Saluter of the Light.  It was, and still is looked upon in Africa generally as a pre-human Moon-worship-

er who laments and bewails the disappearance of its night-light and rejoices at the renewal and return of that luminary.  In the 'Vignettes to the Ritual', Ani the Ape is the Saluter of the rising Sun, that is of Ra, upon the Mount of Sunrise.

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