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Sri Ramana Maharshi on the Self

"Enquiring within 'Who is the seer?' I saw the seer disappear leaving That alone  which 

stands forever.  No thought arose to say 'I saw'.  How then could the thought arise to

say I did not see."


           interview on Sri Ramana Maharshi's life and teachings, p.1




"The place where even the slightest trace of 'I' does not exist alone is Self."


"The Self itself is God"


           The Path of Sri Ramana, Part One




"People would not understand the simple and bare truth - the truth of their everyday,

ever-present and eternal experience.  That Truth is that of the Self.  Is there anyone

not aware of the Self?  They would not even like to hear it [the Self], whereas they

are eager to hear what lies beyond - heaven, hell, reincarnation.  Because they love

mystery and not the bare truth, religions pamper them -only to bring them round to

the Self.  Wandering hither and thither you must return to the Self only.  Then why

not abide in the Self here and now?"



         Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, p. 131





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