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Noor Inayat Khan (part 2)

Noor parachuted into France, and began sending messages from Paris.  Her network was

soon discovered by the Gestapo, in what has been termed the most devastating coup they were to make in occupied France.  Noor refused the order to return, given in light of her imminent capture, expressing the desire to rebuild the network, becoming the only radio link between Paris and London.  She was ultimately betrayed, and spent 9 months imprisoned in Germany.  She did manage to escape from prison, but was recaptured.  She was subject to repeated torture, starvation, beatings, and humiliations, yet, according to her interrogators, "...she gave no information whatsoever, either to her work, or her colleagues..."  


Subsequently, she was transferred to Dachau, where, according to a witness, "...she was

undressed, and beaten until she was a bloody mess.  She did not cry, neither said any-

thing.  When Rupert got tired, he told her then he would shoot her.  She had to kneel, and the only word she said, before Rupert shot her behind through the head, was 'Liberte'."  Days later, the camp was liberated by Allied troops.


Noor was posthumously awarded France's Croix De Guerre, for bravery, and Britain's George Cross, it's highest award for gallantry, and the MBE (Member of the British Empire).  In 2011, a campaign was begun to raise a bust in central London - the first memorial in Britain to a Muslim or Asian woman.  A biographical film, by Indian director Shyam Benegal, was in preproduction in 2007, based upon Shrabani Basu's biography.



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