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Meditation in Ancient Egypt (part 4)

"...In both the ancient and modern world, the tantric spiritual path, although the most powerful meditative system, always remains hidden amongst a confusing framework of

rituals and idols which are baffling to the casual observer.  This Egyptian sustem of spir-

itual knowledge has had a deep and formative influence on the whole of western culture

today in fields as diverse as magic (Hermes Trismegistus, the father of western magic,

writing and law, was an Egyptian High Priest), occultism, (including the system of divin-

ation known as the Tarot), alchemy (the mystical science of transformation of elements

which underlies present day chemistry), physics, mathematics, geometry, and philso-

phy (which formed the basis of the later Greek esoteric teachings of Socrates and Plato, who were Egyptian initiates, and out of which the modern scientific method and the classical schools of western philosophy have arisen), astronomy, astrology and medicine, surgery, and the healing arts and sciences.  Egyptians were the greatest healers and surgeons of the ancient world, combining a very advanced medical, surgical and pharmacological knowledge with the system of pranic healing known in tantra as prana vidya.  Clearly, Egypt has profoundly influenced the subsequent development ofwestern thought and culture.


Furthermore, it is widely believed that Moses, the father of Judaism, received spiritual

initiation and training in the Egyptian school while he was living in the Court of the

Pharoah.  Subsequently he led the Jews out of Egypt into the Palestinian desert, where he received the ten Commandments while in meditation..."



          "Sure Ways to Self Realization"  by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

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