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Meditation in Ancient Egypt (part 3)

..."It is very clear that Egyptian culture and spiritual life were firmly based in tantra.  The Egyptains conceived of the universe as the interplay of two complementary forces - Shiva and Shakti.  They were personified as Isis, the divine mother and virgin of the world, and Osiris, her husband and brother, considered to be the sun god, the guardian of death, and lord of the underworld...Aspirants were led to the progressive realization and union of the twin forces of Isis and Osiris within themselves and the whole of creation, which ultimately led them to dwell in transcendental consciousness on a higher plane of existence... 


In the temple of ancient Egypt, the face and form of her statues were always covered with a scarlet cloth, symbolic of the ignorance and emotionalism which separate man

and truth, and which are gradually removed by meditation.  Then, as now, the true na-

ture of Egyptian tantra could never be understood by one who has not undergone initia-

tion...and explains the following inscription which appeared above the entrance of the

Great Temple of Isis in the ancient city of Sais:


    "I Isis, am all that has been, that is, or shal be;  No mortal man hath ever me unveiled.'


What does this inscriptin mean?  That Shakti can never be experienced by the idle enqu-

irer, just as the secret transformations and processes of the inner worlds cannot be

understood by anyone not familiar with the experiences of kriya yoga and similar tantric meditation techniques.  Isis is revealed only to her steadfast devotee who seeks her through initiation into tantric practices and pursues her relentlessly through total death of the personal ego and rebirth into the experience of immortality.


This preoccupation with immortality is mirrored in every aspect of Egyptian culture, not

merely as a philisophical or religious ideal, but as the actual experience of immortal

consciousness based upon a practical knowledge  and mastery of individual and universal life force expressed in the psychotronic function of the pyramid."



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