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Meditation in Ancient Egypt (Part 2)

"...Various western spiritual institutions, including the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons,

trace their origins to Egypt and record that the pyramid was used as a chamber of ini-

tiation into the practices of higher meditation.   For many thousands of years, spiritual

teachers or gurus initiated suitable seekers from all over the ancient world into a sys-tem of spiritual, psychic and pranic regeneration, very similar to the tantric meditation

system known as 'kriya yoga'.  In this system, the means of inner transformation, conser-

vation and regulation of prana or vital energy, which are a fundamental part of higher

meditation and enlightened living, were revealed.  It appears that the power of the

pyramid as a pranic generator was utilized in bringing about the changing and awaken-

ing of pranic energy within the psychic centeres (chakras) and psychic pathways of the

suitably prepared practitioner.  Spiritual initiation in Egypt was an alignment  or tuning

in of the natural pranic and psychic energies of the individual nervous system and mind

with the cosmic forces focused and concentrated by the massive pyramid itself...


...Although very few Egyptian texts have come down to us today, it is nevertheless clear

that they knew and maintained a system of meditation closely resembling the tantric

system which was flourishing in the Indus Valley and other areas of the Indian subcontinent at that time.  One surviving text, 'The Egyptian Book of the Dead', reveals that they were practicing a system which led to the progressive harnessing of psychic and pranic energies for spiritual regeneration and realization of the immortal states of consciousness which extend beyond the physical body.  Along with the "Tibetan Book of the Dead' and Plato's 'Phaedo', this Egyptian text illustrates the degree  of awareness and familiarity which the ancients had of states of consciousness beyond death of the physical body.  These same states are also realized when body awareness dies during the higher states of meditation, known throughout the eastern world as nirvana or samadhi.  The direct realization of immortality of consciousness appears to have been the fundamental goal of Egyptian meditation and spiritual life"

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