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Meditation in Ancient Egypt (part 1)

Swami Satyananda Saraswati   'Sure Ways to Self-Realization'


"Although the Nile Valley civilization flourished in the years from 6,000 to 2,500 BC, and

probably well before that time, there is remarkable evidence to suggest that it was a

spiritual and technologically evolved culture than we possess today, more than eight

thousand years later.


Unlike other later civilizations, the Egyptian civilization seems to have degenerated to a lower state of development with each succeeding pharoah dynasty.  This is exempli-

fied in the artwork and other archeological remnants.  In fact, the highest age of Egyp-

tian civilization appears to have been the earliest, which some date as far back as

12,000 BC, but whose beginnings have not yet been traced.


The Great Pyramid at Gizah is the sole substantial remnant of a remarkable age when,

according to myth, the leaders of men were called "Sons of God" embodying divinity in

human form.  This mythological description is reminiscent of the first age of man as

recorded in the tantra shastras of India.  There it is described as 'Satya Yuga', the gol-

den age of truth, when godmen lived upon the earth.


The Great Pyramid is without a doubt the greatest, most mysterious and enduring man-

made structure in existence.  Its majesty, dimension and perfection of construction are

amazing even by today's standards, while its original function and purpose remain

shrouded in mystery.


It is evident that this massive monument conceals a vast body of esoteric and scientific

knowledge, revealing that its builders possessed a great understanding of the funda-

principles, relationships, and cosmic laws governing the operation of the universe.  For

example, the distance from the earth to the sun and from the equator to the North Pole

are exact multiples of measurements within this pyramid, which appears to have fun-

tiones as a cental observatory, standard of measures, mathematical calculator and ini-

tiation temple of a highly evolved culture...


These and other experiments suggest that the Great Pyramid was constructed as a gig-

antic pranic accumulator, focusing this energy on a massive scale for techno-spiritual

purposes.  How far evolved must this ancient race have been which was tapping and ut-

ilizing a source of energy which modern scientists are only just beginning to record, re-

cognize and investigate some 10,00 years later, with the aid of Kirlian photography..."



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