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Isis and the Christian Church (part 5)

"As we have seen, there are remarkably clear parralels between the life of Jesus and the story of Osiris.  But perhaps, even more tellingly, many of his actual words appear to have come unchanged from the tradition of the Egyptian religion.  For example, Jesus said (John 12:24): ' Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.'  This imagery and concept comes undeniably from the Osirian cult. [B. Walker "Tantrism, Man, Myth, and Magic", p. 750] And Jesus' words 'In my Father's house are many mansions' (John 14:2), which have puzzled generations of Christians, is explicitly Osirian and comes directly from the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" [Wallace Budge translation, 'The Book of the Dead', p. 440}


More properly called 'Coming Forth by Day', this work was made up of a series of spells with which the soul could overcome the terrors of the afterlife, and was read to the dy-

ing by a priest or priestess.  Jesus' knowledge of 'Coming Forth by Day' suggests a familia

rity not only with the religious writing of the Isis/Osiris cult, but also with their magic - as we have seen, religion and magic were the same to the Egyptians.


Osiris was killed on a Friday and his dismembered body was scattered.  After three days, he rose again - thanks to the magical intervention of Isis, who had mourned him through

out the land.  In the annual Osirian mystery plays of Egypt, the high priestess who played Isis lamented: 'Evil men have killed my beloved, and where his body is, I know not.'  when she finally reassembles his body, she says 'Behold I found thee lying there...O Osiris, live, stand up the unfortunate one that lies there!  I am Isis.'  The priest playing Osiris then stood up and showed himself to his followers, who expressed their doubt and awe at the miraculous resurrection.


Compare the first sentence with the words of Mary Magdeline to the 'Gardener' (who turns out to be Jesus): 'They have taken my Lord and I know not where they have lain him'...


As, in our opinion, Jesus and the Magdeline were living out the story of Osiris' death

and resurrection, the choice of crucifixion made perfect sense - for the cross was already an ancient Osirian symbol."


"The Templar Revelation"  L. Pickett & C Prince 

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