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Egyptian dynastic dates vs. Old Testament dates

                         Comparison of Genesis Death Dates During Methuselah's Lifetime and

                                                       Egyptian Dynastic Chronology*




                                Genesis Event      Date         Egptian Event      Gardiner Date**



                           Methuselah born       3074           First Dynasty          3250-2950

                           Adam died                2831          Second Dynasty             ?

                           Enoch died               2774           Sothic Date

                           Seth died                 2719            Third Dynasty             2700

                           Enos died                 2621            Fourth Dynasty           2620

                           Cainan died              2526           

                           Mahalaleel died        2471           Fifth Dynasty              2480

                           Jared died                2339           Sixth Dynasty              2340

                           Lamech died             2134           Eleventh Dynasty       2134

                           Methuselah died        2105           Last Memphis King    


*The Moses Mystery -Gary Greenberg  (Birch Lane Press) -p. 93

**Egypt of the Pharoahs - A. Gardiner (Oxford Univ. Press) -pp 433-436

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