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Ayurveda and Samkhya

"Tao and Dharma: Chinese Medicne and Ayurveda"  Robert Svoboda and Arnie Lade


"The evolution of the universe as detailed in the Sankhya (sic) system, one of the six

systems of philosphy in India, forms the foundation for most Ayurvedic theories.  Yoga

uses the same approach with only minor alterations.  In the Sankhya philosophy, every-

thing evolves from an Absolute Reality (purusha), which is consciousness without any charactheristics whatsoever, beyond time, space, and causation, a single point which encompasses everything and which cannot be perceived by mind or accurately described in human language.  All potentialities exist in an unmanifested state.  From this Absolute




              I spent 6 months covering Samkhya, also the Self/Non-Self in

              terms of its  Vedantic and Buddhist aspects.  See earlier posts

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