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Aurobindo on Women and Tantra

('Sri Aurobindo on the Tantra')


"All sciences, O Goddess, are different parts of thee.


   The sense is that wherever the feminine principle is found in the living personality,

we have  the entire presence of the world-supporting maternal soul of the Divinity. 

The Devi with all her aspects, kalas, is there in the Woman; in the Woman we have to

see Durga, Annapurna, Tara, the Mahavidyas, and there is said in the Tantras, 'Where-

ever one sees the feet of Woman, one should give worship in one's soul even as to one's

guru.'  Thus this thought of the  Shakta side of Hinduism becomes an uncompromising

declaration of the divinity of woman completing the Vedantic declaration of the con-

cealed divinity in man which we are too apt to treat in practice as if it applied only in

the masculine.  We put away in silence, even when we do not actually deny it, the per-

fect equality in difference of the double manifestation."



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