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..."An attitude of truthfulness means to try always to see things as they are, to accept the possibility that one may be mistaken in their most cherished opinions, to entertain no likes or dislikes that might prejudice their perception of reality as it is.  Truthfulness means to look always for the Divine Light that shines in the midst of universal darkness, to see God in everything and everyone, to affirm goodness in the face of evil, and yet to always do so from a center of absolute honesty, never of mere wishful thinking.

...In meditation, an attitude of perfect truthfulness is essential as a safeguard against hallucinations, as well as against attachment to the more common delusions of man-
kind.  To overcome your hypnosis of human limitations, observe them dispassionately in meditation.  Ask yourself, "Is this really I"?  Who am I, really?"  The deeper you pursue this question of self-identity, the more clearly you will see yourself as the ever-free
soul, stripped of all egoistic desire.

...In practicing the postures, be inwardly aware of your body.  While practicing poses, for example, concentrate on the tension that prevents you from stretching further; be
complete in your recognition of it.  You will notice that once you have really "faced" this obstruction, accepting it for what it is, you will be able to release it as you could never do if you tried merely to ignore it.  In all of the yoga postures, an attitude of strict truthfulness, which is to say, simply, awareness, is a necessary prerequisite to final mastery."

"Raja Yoga"  Swami Kriyananda

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I think it goes without saying that one has to be truthful or maintain an attitude of truthfulness when in meditation because it is the effective approach to achieve your goals for meditation. Otherwise, you are just practicing meditation just for the sake of it, and not to be fulfill a higher purpose. Through meditation, I have learned to practice mindfulness in everything that I do. I do meditation daily religiously. It doesn't take much of my time because even 10 to 20 minutes is enough to practice daily meditation.
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