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The Queen of Heaven (Part 5)

"The Virgin Mary is the modern day form of the divine feminine as Virgin Mother.  Con-
cealed in Marianism, Christianity retains the worship of the moon and it's symbolism.
Marianism is the practice of devotion to the Virgin Mary...In the New Testament book of
Revelation Chapter 12, verse 1 reads: "...and I saw a woman clothed with the sun; with the moon beneath her feet."  Mary is often depicted in this image in Catholic religious art.  This is lunar imagery, for a woman clothed with the sun is the moon!

It was at the Council of Ephesus, 431 CE, that the Roman Catholic church gave the Virgin
Mary the title 'Mother of God'.  In the Missal, Mary is called 'Caeli Regina' (Queen of Heav
en), and' 'Mundi Domina' (Mother of the World).  The Blessed Virgin Mary is called 'The
Moon of the Church', 'The Spiritual Moon', and 'The Perfect and Eternal Moon'.

The Council of Trent decreed in 1564 the veneration of the Virgin Mary.  Additionally, Pope Pius VI decreed that Mary was exempt from the taint of original sin.  In 1923, Pope
Pius XI sanctioned Pope Benedict XV's pronouncement that Mary suffered with Christ and that with him she redeemed the human race.  Pope Pius XII officially designated Mary
the "Queen of Heaven" and "Queen of the World" (the title of the Moon Goddess as Isis/Hathor and Ishtar).  Pope John Paul II dedicated himself to Mary and stated that she is a co-redeemer with Jesus... 

(...The winter solstice, when the Great Mother gives birth to the sun stands at the cen-
ter of the matriarchal mysteries.  At the winter solstice, the moon is full and occupies the highest point in its cycle, the sun is at its nadir...)

...Catholics venerate the Virgin in many ways...In the Hail Mary prayer, she is referred to as the Mother of God...The expansion of the cult of the Virgin Mary during the 12th and 13th centuries was reflected in the building of Cathedrals devoted to her.  Notre Dame Cathedrals became sites for Marian pilgrimages.  Many of these churches were
built over sites that formerly were sacred to the Goddess...Chartres Cathedral, in 
Chartres, France, legend has it, sits on a site that once was a site of a temple to the Goddess Isis.  The Black Virgin at Chartres dates back to the fourth century...Ancient
statues of Isis with Child have, in not a few instances, been taken over by Catholic com-
munities as representations of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris stands as the preeminent object of veneration for the Virgin Mary.  In France they call the moon Notre Dame.  Built as a monument to Mary in 1250 CE, it is famous for its rose window, the Virgin Mary's symbol.  Roses are
also a symbol of love and related to Hathor and Demeter..."

"Moon Goddess"  Safiyah Karimah


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