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Isis and Christianity (part 6)

"There are however, indications that the birth of the Messiah without sexual intercourse
originated not in Rome but in Ancient Egypt.  Isis is said to have conceived her son Horus
by using the phallus of Osiris, her  brother and husband, after his death and dismember-
ment.  This posthumous sequence of events  is illustrated on the walls of the Osiris tem-
ple at Abydos, in Upper Egypt.
A later development of the legend rid it of its physical connotations and related the
pregnancy of Isis to a cosmic force.  Spell 148 of the Coffin texts, which is concerned with the announcement to Isis that she is pregnant with Horus, has been interpreted as: 'The crocodile star (MeSSeH) strikes...Isis wakes pregnant with the seed of her brother Osiris.'
(Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, vol.56, 1970, pp. 194-5)"
"The House of  the Messiah" A. Osman

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more information on Saturday, April 12, 2014 10:36 PM
All spiritual paths are respected and valued in The Grail Community including those of other faiths and Christian denominations. Inter-religious understanding and tolerance is promoted and encouraged.
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