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Isis' imprint on the Christian church (part 1)

"...Luckert's erudite analysis shows conclusively that the twin concepts of Jesus' unique resurrection and his continued spiritual presence can be traced without a doubt to Egyp-
tian theology.  As he explains, Egyptian theology:
          ...made it possible to believe that the Son of God rose from death...and
          thus returned to the Father...Also, in tune with Egyptian logic was the no-
          tion that, even though Christ Jesus had now returned to the Father, he ne-
          vertheless eternally remains present among his followers.
Once again, we see that concepts that are central to the Christian religion - which have long been cherished as evidence of Jesus' uniqueness and divinity - did not spring from
his life and teachings...The concept of individual resurrection and of the eternal life of the spirit in the afterworld came from Egypt: there it was accepted as a given fact.  And the notion of the continuing presence of the spirit after death was directly taken from the death of the Pharoahs, who were thought to guide the people from the invisible
We have seen how the crucial events in Jesus' life appear to fit the story of Osiris, and how the role of his partner, Mary Magdelene, dovetailed with that of Isis.  While the
Osiris archetype clearly matches Jesus' conscious fullfilment of his rule - by 'dying' on a
Friday, being mourned by 'Isis", and coming back to life three days later - it was the god-dess whose magic made the resurrection possible.  That hers was no subordinate role can not be over-emphasized.
Isis was seen as the 'Creator': as the Egyptian scriptures said: "In the beginning there was
Isis, Oldest of the Old."  She was the goddess from whom "all becoming arose", and a tra-
ditional invocation says: "...thou are creator of all good things."  But, more than that,
Isis - not Osiris- was the original 'Saviour', being described by Aristides, an initiate of her
mysteries, as "a Light and other unutterable things conducing to salvation", while Lucius
Apuleius addressed her thus: " O thou holy and eternal Saviour of the human race...thou givest light to the Sun..Thou treadest death underfoot."
"The Templar Revelation" Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince 

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