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"When the awakening of kundalini takes place, it is important to have
 the correct diet, as food influences the mind and your nature.
 ...When you are experiencing kundalini awakening your diet must be
 very light and easy to assimilate.  The best diet for a kundalini yogi is
 boiled food...barley, lentils, and dal are excellent foods...  Fats and
 greasy foods should be avoided and protein should be kept to a mini-
 mum.  This will take any strain off the liver, because when the mind
 (and body undergo this process) the liver is overtaxed. 
 ...The food we eat is not really to satisfy our taste.  Every food item
 has an essence in it, and in yoga we call this sattwa.  Sattwa means the
 ultimate essence of food, but please do not mistake this for vitamins or
 minerals.  Sattwa is the more subtle form of food.  When you eat for
 the sake of taste or enjoyment, instead of extracting the sattwa you on-
 ly get the gross things.  This is why yogis and saints of all traditions have
 always lived on the minimum possible amount of food during periods of
 When we overeat we create a burden for the digestive system, and when
 the digestive system is overburdened we are unable to extract the sattwa
 from the food.  Sattwa is a substance which nourishes the thoughts and
 nervous system.  When the thoughts are fed with sattwa they are more
 refined and pure, and one is able to live in higher consciousness.  There-
 fore it is beneficial for a sadakha to fast from time to time.  When the bo-
 dy is kept light and pure, it is far more capable of extracting sattwa.
 ...For one who is serious about yoga practices and spiritual aspirations in
 life, diet is as important as yoga, but if you are only worried about your
 diet and are not practicing yoga, then you may be called a fanatic."
('Kundalini Tantra'  -  Swami Satyananda Saraswati)
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